Our Contributors

Our Contributors

A number of companies have selected our school for their contribution under corporate social responsibility (CSR) since 2010. They have associated with us for the following reasons.

  • We give education free of fees and charges to girls who are mostly from the poorest families in the community. Currently 33% of our girls are SC, 20% OBC and 8% Muslims.
  • Girls education is considered a very noble cause. An educated mother will educate all her children. The level of the courses like graduation, Postgraduation etc. goes a step higher with each generation. So does the level of the jobs and standard of living.
  • Harijan Sewak Sangh parent of our school and our school itself have a great history and heritage. It has always been associated with the best of the Gandhian legacy.
  • Donors have realized that we are very honest and sincere. We manage the school very well and spend the money honestly, without any leakage.

The following companies have contributed to the school over the last 11 years.

  • Gail (India) Ltd 2010 Rs. 25 lacs for school renovation
  • GMR Infrastructure 2012 Rs. 12 lacs for two class rooms
  • Gail (India) Ltd 2013 Rs. 30 lacs for four class rooms
  • Tech Mahindra Foundation 2010 to present over Rs. 4 crores for projects
  • ONGC Ltd. 2017 Rs. 65 lacs. For of school building
  • Micro Precision Products 2017 20 lacs for solar energy, 2018 7 lacs for computer lab, 2020 35 lacs for three class rooms, 2020 9 lacs for laptops
  • Container Corporation of India 2019 24 lacs for three projects.
  • Coal India 2020 39 lacs for laptops and smart classes
  • Hindalco/Aditya Birla 2020 24 lacs for laptops
  • Hindalco/Aditya Birla 2020 16 lacs for internet in school and hostel
  • SRF Foundation 2020 3 lacs for tablets
  • Alar Group 2020 5 lacs for laptops
  • Sterling Tools Foundation 2020 10 lacs for tablets
  • R K Bhargava IAS Retd 2020 10 lacs 2021 10 lacs for tablets

In this list we must mention Rs. 5 crores in 2012 for construction of new hostel building from Govt of Delhi with personal intervention of Mrs. Sheila Dikshit Chief Minister

A large number of trusts and individuals have been contributing to the school year after year for the last 10 years.

We are grateful to the companies, trusts and individuals for contributing to the school for its betterment and for giving a high level of education to the students.