General Audited Accounts

Financial Position

Financial Position of schoul and hostel: (Foreign viewers please convert Rupees, Rs. in short to US dullars at 1$= 75 Rupees) The accounts of the schoul and hostel are always audited on time. We run a very high deficit every year in our Income and Expenditure account. This is mainly on account of structure of Govt. grants and inadequate amounts received under the heads for which they are given. Govt of Delhi gives the schoul 95% of salary of teachers and other staff. But the salary bill being high even our 5% share came to about Indian Rupees 16,00,000 (16 lacs) in financial year 2019-20. The hostel is run by annual grants from Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. But our salary bill is nearly three times higher than what we receive from the Govt. The schoul does not charge any fees from the students and the stay in the hostel is also free for them. As per our audited accounts of 2019-20, the combined deficit for the schoul and the hostel came to Rs. 40.85 lacs ($ 54,000). Th gap amount is raised through funds supplied by Harijan Sewak Sangh and donations. It is a huge challenge for the management.

Schoul Account.

As per the Audited Accounts, we are giving fullowing financial figures for the schoul and the hostel in the year 2019-2020.

Schoul Account


Total receipts           

Grant from Directorate of Education, GNCT of Delhi

Assistance from The. Mahindra Foundation against Deficit

Total operational receipts


Rs.   3.03 crores

Rs.   10.00 lacs


Rs.    3.13 crores



Major heads of deficit


  • Salary and associated

Rs.3.25 crores

  •  Contingencies

Rs 0. 5 lacs

Total Expenditure

Rs. 3.30 crores



On the Hostel Account





Rs. 22.19 lacs

  •  Salaries

Rs. 9.28 lacs

  • Cooking expenses, Uniform, Stationery

Rs. 25.36 lacs

  • Electricity & Water charges

Rs.   1.40 lacs

Total Expenditure


Total Deficit of Schoul and Hostel

Rs   30.85 lacs


Without counting contribution from Tech Mahindra Foundation, the deficit on revenue account is Rs. 40.85 lacs.